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“Plein air,” a French word, simply translated as “Open air,” is painting done on outdoors, on location, and usually completed on site with little to no work done in the studio. The challenge this type of painting presents is in capturing the atmosphere and light of the moment- before it changes! The beauty (and reward) of plein air painting, besides the act itself of just being out doors in an interesting place that’s captured my attention, is the energy, immediacy, and sense of place that- if done well- comes through in the paintings.

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Floral Painting
As a realist painter, one of the things I’m most drawn to with painting giant orchids and other flowers is the decidedly abstract quality of their forms, reminiscent of ruffles and flowing fabric, as well as the abstractions produced by the light and foliage in the backgrounds.

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Murals/ Trompe l'Oeil
My mural painting career began over 20 years ago when, at the age of 15 I painted over the wallpaper in my bedroom and transformed it into a tropical jungle. Before long I was receiving residential and commercial commissions from interior decorators and clients. The photos here represent just a few of the murals in my extensive portfolio, if you’re interested in having a wall, folding screen, or custom canvas painted, I’d be happy to show you more examples of my work and talk over ideas with you, just click on the “contact” link to reach me.

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